my cd collection! update log

what's up party people!! welcome to my site :)

maybe you're here from my tumblr. if not, here is a link to my tumblr! you should click it if you like twenty one pilots, since that's basically all i talk about on there

some things about me

i'm really rocking the "shitty eyesore borderline unreadable 2000s site" look right now, and i'd really like to say it's intentional, but unfortunately this is just all i know how to do. my html skills are pretty much nonexistent, so my site will probably look rough for a while. my aesthetic sensibilities are also maybe kinda wack, so maybe my site will look bad forever, depending on your preferences.

i've got lots of ideas for what i want to add to my site. in no particular order, i'm thinking:

if you think i sound like someone you'd want to be friends with, or you think you're someone i'd want to be friends with, shoot me a message on my tumblr (linked somewhere up there), on discord at batsquatch#8664, or email me at fireescapes08 (gmail!)

(like, seriously. i'm very lonely please talk to me. i'll even show you pictures of my dog if you ask nicely)

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