what i've been working on

for a long time, i've felt the compulsive need to document the things that i do and experience. i can't throw away receipts, i glue my candy wrappers in a notebook, i can't delete sticky notes from my desktop, etc. etc. if i weren't also extremely lazy, i would probably have dozens and dozens of journals full of the things i've done every day, no matter how mundane. i don't know, maybe i'm afraid that if i don't try to preserve these thoughts and events in some way, i will forget them. i'm not sure what's so bad about forgetting the fact that i had a milky way on tuesday, april 13th of 2021, but it terrifies me. i don't know. i have always had trouble remembering that i'm real, and the things that happen to me are real. i think holding on to them in this way helps with that.

so i guess this is the digital extension of that. each entry contains the date and location of the update.

8/27/2022 [rmd library] - site button added

8/27/2022 [rmd library] - cd collection page live

8/27/2022 [rmd library] - update log live

8/27/2022 [rmd library] - new ideas added to idea list

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